For more than 50 years, BR Retreading has been a national leader in tire retreading. With unparalleled experience, this enables BR Retreading to offer such high-quality products. Many of our technicians have been with the company for three decades or more, and are uniquely equipped to provide affordable, effective, and cutting-edge retreading solutions.

Thanks to our focus on quality and service, BR Retreading, along with our partner company RDH Tire & Retread, has become one of the most successful companies in the OTR tire market. Based in Glasgow, Kentucky, BR Retreading serves more than 300 clients across the country.



Why Choose BR Retreading?

As tire retreading technology has evolved, BR Retreading has adapted with it. Many of our company’s processes involve computer-guided equipment, allowing us to ensure precision in all we do. Meanwhile, BR Retreading offers several services that our competitors simply can’t match, such as tread design.

At BR Retreading, we pride ourselves on ensuring that our services are convenient and accessible to all our clients. With an entire trucking fleet at our disposal, BR Retreading is able to offer flexible pickup and delivery options to clients. There’s no better value on the OTR tire market, especially since tire retreading can cost just 60 percent of what new tires would.

Finally, because customer satisfaction is the top priority here at BR Retreading, we are pleased to offer robust warranties on all our products. We are confident that our work will exceed all expectations, but we want to provide each client with full peace of mind as they consider their tire retreading needs. Contact us to learn more about our warranty policies.

OTR Tire Solutions From BR Retreading

Increasingly, tire retreading is the best option and the clearest value in the OTR tire market and is certainly more cost-effective than buying a whole new set of tires. As you seek tire retreading services, consider the wealth of experience and the wide spectrum of services we offer here at BR Retreading. To learn more, or to start your order, contact our team today.