Tire Retreading

BR Retreading is the proud supplier of heavy-duty, retread tires to over 300 clients across 28 states and growing. We handle tires from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. With a fleet of trucks ready to pick up and return your tires, we make the entire retreading process easy and cost-effective.

Join our rank of satisfied clients today. Call (270) 651-5153 to get started. We perform mold cure and computer cut retreading services. Learn more about our process below.

The Retreading Process: Start to Finish

At our OTR tire retreading facility, you can expect the absolute best in service. We use Marangoni equipment to create your retread tires. Once your tires arrive at our facility, they will go through several steps before the final inspection. The process is as follows:

Retread Tires in Glasgow, KY

  • Washing: Upon their arrival, our technicians wash your tires to remove debris and any liquid from the inside and outside of the tire. This through rinse prepares your tires for the next step.
  • Initial Inspection: Our technicians carefully look over the interior and exterior of your tires. Any entrances are noted, and each of your tires is branded and tagged.
  • Buffing: Our technicians use the buffer to de-tread your tires. Our machines handle tires up to 51". After tread removal, our machines smooth your tires.
  • Skiving: During this stage, all damaged areas not addressed by the buffer - like rock punctures and separations - are skived out. It is at this stage where we learn whether it is possible to retread a tire or not. For tires that pass, we also learn exactly what needs to be done to create a safe retread.
  • Filling: Tires are drilled and filled with an in-house rubber that is manually applied with hammers.
  • Rubber Milling: All rubber used during the retread process is milled in-house using strip rubber. The rubber is melted into sheets that will be used to rebuild the tire in the next step.
  • Building: With filling in place, the tire is next rebuilt using adhesive and milled rubber. Bands are added to the sidewall to seal the face and add stability while restoring the original footprint.

Computer Cut Retread

  • Cutting: With the assistance of a specialized computer, a hot blade makes a precise tread cut. Each tread is then checked by technicians to ensure it is correct.
  • Curing: An autoclave chamber is used to cure tires. The chambers can handle a retread tire up to 51"or a repaired tire up to 57". The computer cut process is for mill built tires.

Mold Cure Retread

  • Molding: We have a Marangoni Alpha Giant to take care of tires undergoing the mold cure process. This state-of-the-art machine builds tires on inflated casing using strip rubber for the base. The rubber runs through an executor and is applied to the tire. Instead of being cured, these tires are loaded into a bias clamp shell mold or a segmented radial mold depending on the tire. Heat and pressure are applied to mold the tire.

Final Inspection

Your tires are checked a final time for defects. The tag is reviewed to ensure the tire went through each step. Your tires are then marked and staged for shipping to your location.

The Best Retread Tires Determined by On-Site Inspections

This is the process employed by BR OTR Tire Retreading. However, our work doesn't end with the final inspection. We also conduct on-site inspections. We work with the dealer to do on-site inspections and tire surveys. We check the tread ware, air pressure, and overall condition of the tire. With the information we gain, we can create the best retread tires for each of our clients and the environments where they work. 

For an inside look at our facility and to see the process in motion, check out the video at the top of this page. If you have any questions, contact a member of our team today.

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