Here at BR Retreading, we seek to provide our OTR tire clients with a full spectrum of services—and in some cases, that means mold cap design. We are proud to provide mold cap design services right here in-house.

Want to Learn About Mold Cap Design?

For those who are unfamiliar with the process, mold capping is an alternative form of recapping, one that applies unvulcanized rubber to the tire casing, then places the tire in a mold where it is formed via heat and pressure. This is different than the computer-guided grooving process we use to do tread designs and helps us to better accommodate the full range of client needs that we encounter.

As ever, our work comes backed with a robust warranty, and we aim to provide each client with the most affordable and effective solutions to all their OTR tire needs. To learn more about the mold cap design process, reach out to BR Retreading in Glasgow, Kentucky today!