Here at BR Retreading, our job is to help your tires last as long as possible—but of course, no tire lasts forever. Disposing of older tires, once they’ve surpassed their usefulness, can be a tall order in and of itself, especially when those tires are very large. BR Retreading is happy to offer our services here, helping our clients dispose of old tires safely, discreetly, and responsibly.

And certainly, responsible tire disposal is key, as it helps your business avoid any legal penalties or fees. The standards for scrap tire disposal differ from one state to the next, but no matter where you are, BR Retreading can help you get rid of your old tires without any regulatory issues. Plus, our team of tire experts can help with the tire dismounting, and our East Coast freight line will make it easy for you to ship your old tires off and out of sight.

Learn more about safe and effective scrap tire disposal. Reach out to BR Retreading today.