Not All Treads Are Created Equal

Not all treads are created equal, and it’s vital for your tires to have tread patterns to match the road and weather conditions in your area. At BR Retreading, our experts can provide a range of tread design patterns, ensuring that you have the right equipment for the task at hand.

Our team can offer the diverse tread patterns needed to accommodate vehicles of all types, sizes, and industrial applications. We can replicate most major manufacturers’ tread patterns, and we deliver a full complement of tread depths and custom tread compounds. What’s more, we have computer-guided groovers to ensure absolute adherence to the desired tread design—ensuring the proper functionality for all of your tires and equipment.

Whether you need tire replacement, repair, or retreading, the BR Retreading team is here to help. Learn more about our industrial tire tread design services by contacting us directly.