Pneumatic tires can be liabilities—especially in rigorous industrial conditions. But when air-filled tires can’t get the job done, solid tires can—and here at BR Retreading, we can turn your air-filled tired into solid ones, quickly and affordably, making them flat-proof and totally reliable.

Eliminate the Risk of Flat Tires

It’s a process that involves Tyrfil polyurethane flat-proofing, a technology that empowers BR Retreading to take pneumatic tires of any size and make them stalwart and sturdy. The upshot is that you can completely eliminate the risk of flat tires, and in turn significantly reduce equipment downtime and the cost of future tire repairs.

How TyrFil Works

But how does it work exactly? It begins with us pumping liquid polyurethane into the tire’s valve system, replacing all the air. Then, we bring the tire to full operating pressure, and let it cure for about 24 hours. Tyrfil replicates the feel of pneumatic tires, but without any of the flimsiness or vulnerabilities.

Invest in flat-proofing for your OTR tires today. Contact the BR Retreading team and ask us how we can revamp your air-filled tired with the cutting-edge Tyrfil process!